TCMA Annual Conference Sponsorship Policy

The TCMA Annual Conference is a major professional development and networking opportunity for the TCMA membership. The cost of producing a high quality conference—combined with the travel, housing, and daily expenses of conference attendance—can be restrictive for some TCMA members. TCMA has consistently pursued ways to reduce the conference operating costs without impacting quality. However, the TCMA Board recognizes that ongoing cost-reduction efforts cannot, on their own, reduce registration and ticket costs for members. Therefore, the TCMA Board has determined that it is beneficial to pursue corporate sponsorships in order to offset the overall costs of the TCMA Annual Conference.

It is the policy of TCMA to pursue and utilize cash contributions from corporate sponsors for the purpose of offsetting some of the TCMA Annual Conference costs. Sponsorship proceeds will go toward the benefit of the conference as a whole, and no contribution will be tied to any specific conference activity. TCMA discourages the operation of any function, whether in a hotel suite, meeting room, or other conference facility, which gives the appearance of preferential treatment for a particular business. Individuals involved in such related activities risk disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Board in keeping with the TCMA Code of Ethics. In addition, while many groups may want to schedule an activity during the conference days, they should not conflict with any TCMA conference event.

Four levels of sponsorship are available, ranging from $500 to $5,000. In-kind sponsorships may be pursued, accepted, and recognized in accordance with the value of the donation provided. In-kind contributions include the donation of labor, equipment, or facilities.

The host city committee for the TCMA Annual Conference is permitted to pursue, based upon TCMA approval, local sponsorships for specific conference events. “Local sponsors” shall be companies and individuals located within the host city that do not provide statewide services. Local sponsors shall not receive the benefits provided under the established sponsorship levels, but shall receive on-site signage and recognition for their sponsored event.

The Texas City Management Association does not necessarily recommend or endorse the services or products of any individual or firm that participates in this sponsorship program.

Professional associations wishing to have materials about their organizations available to TCMA conference attendees need to provide TCMA with a copy of the item(s) for approval no later than two weeks prior to the first day of the TCMA Annual Conference.

Any materials that include endorsements by TCMA members will not be distributed. (TCMA Code of Ethics)

TCMA reserves the right to determine the sponsorships that it will pursue and accept.